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Looking for game changers in Chicago

An update from Meredith of The Guildhall at SMU: Things are really starting to heat up at day two of Comic Con Chicago!  In between character spotting and photo ops, we're on the lookout for future gamers and game changers. The most popular characters so far are Deadpool and Harley Quinn. They come in all sizes and shapes and constantly amaze. Another unique aspect of this Con is the sheer number of Star Trek actors making an appearence including Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Brent Spiner (Data), Patrick Stewart (Picard), and Michael Dorn (Warf). Our booth neighbor to the right are the very talented artists of Lion Forge Comics who are continually sketching and creating masterpieces. To the left is Insight Editions, [...]

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Walls come down, excitement goes up

Baby ewok, San Antonio Comic Con 2014. Photo credit: René Archambault/SMU Adventures People of all ages came out today to celebrate the fun that Comic Con San Antonio brings to the city. From a baby Ewok, to a magnificent Maleficent, to an Ursula who looked like she swam straight out of the movie, it was a full day of cosplay (costume play). Many of these cosplayers spent time with SMU Guildhall exploring their desire to break into the video game industry. Overheard more often than not: “I had no idea that I could get a master’s degree in video game development. This is awesome.” This show proves that when a group of like-minded people get together, walls come down, excitement [...]

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The Guildhall at SMU will travel to Comic Con in San Antonio, Chicago, Austin and New Orleans from August 2014 to January 2015. The popular conventions reach a large and enthusiastic gaming audience. René Archambault, manager of admissions and alumni affairs, will blog about Guildhall activities at the San Antonio gathering.

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Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle draws tourists from all over the world – including famous ones! Emily scored a shot of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal when she and Stephanie visited the landmark. Stephanie at Windsor Castle. Photo credit: Stephanie/SMU Adventures The beautiful Windsor Castle grounds. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures Even the great Shaquille O'Neal enjoys being a tourist. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures

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Borough Market

After visiting Borough Market and experiencing the vast array of food and food-related products, I find it extremely difficult to choose one experience to describe. A walk through that market is an adventure in new tastes, smells, and sights the likes of which I hadn’t even imagined before. Kangaroo meatballs were featured next to gigantic wheels of cheese that seemed straight out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. All morning I was bombarded with food experiences, many of which did not even require the act of consumption. Despite the overwhelming sensory input, one market stall stands out from the rest. Just as I began my walk through the market, I turned a corner to see what must be the most [...]

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ICE, ICE, baby

Field. Trip. Two words adults don’t often utter unless they’re referring to their school-aged children. To date, I’ve gone on two of my very own, grown-up field trips without having to chaperone my two gorgeous children and 40 of their nearest and dearest. My fellow interns and I visited the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) office in Irving a couple of weeks ago. ICE, the largest investigative agency in the Department of Homeland Security, works with various law enforcement partners to protect the country from threats, both foreign and domestic. The agency is comprised of three primary divisions: Enforcement and Removal Operations (“ERO”), Homeland Security Investigations (“HSI”), and Management and Administration (“M&A”). This visit stressed the ERO side of the [...]

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Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

Emily (’16) and René (’17) attended Trooping the Colour on June 14, 2014 – the ceremony marking the Queen’s official birthday. To their surprise, not only did they see Queen Elizabeth waving and smiling just a few feet away from them, but also Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, as well as William’s younger brother, Prince Harry. The royal family watches an RAF flyover from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures Queen Elizabeth waves from her carriage during Trooping the Colour, June 2014. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures Prince Harry and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, participate in Trooping the Colour during Queen Elizabeth's 2014 birthday celebrations. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures

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Brighton Pier and Trafalgar Square

Theatre majors Jenna, Becca and Steph at Brighton Pier. Becca and Steph in the Brighton Pier tunnel. Photo credit: Jenna/SMU Adventures Theatre majors Jenna ('15), Becca ('16), Parker ('16), Stephanie ('15) and Ryan ('15) in Trafalgar Square. Becca with actor Andrew Scott (a.k.a. Moriarity in the PBS series "Sherlock") after his performance in Birdland at the Royal Court Theatre. Photo credit: Becca/SMU Adventures Steph, Becca and Jenna and the evening lights of Brighton Pier.

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