From Ruhi D. a first-year pre-business major:

Today, about 70 years after the end of the second world war, the effects of the Holocaust are still felt today. Each picture holds a memory. Each memorial is filled with tears. And each site still echoes with the cries of all the lives lost. The air around each site gets thicker and thicker, and each site visited feels just a little bit harder to breathe in.

The aura around each camp or memorial transports you back in time to feel a fraction of the pain felt by the innocent people not even a century ago. Each camp feels so alive, yet so dead at the same time. Alive from the fresh memories of the suffering of countless people who were just different. Dead from the bitter air of the horrors committed by the Nazis. All monsters are human and nothing is impossible. The extent of the human psyche extended beyond just a hatred, but created a period of death and destruction that will never ever be absolved.