From Ruhi D. a first-year pre-business major:

We often forget that part of our duty as humans is to act humanely. When atrocities such as the holocaust occur it causes us to pause and question how such a large group of people seem to have lost their humanity when treating innocent humans the way they did. Not only were humans treated like they were worse than the scum on the bottom of your shoe, but their mere identity as a human was stripped from them. If they weren’t immediately sent to a death camp, they were forced to toil away years in a labor camp where many suffered tremendously before perishing. However, even during this terrible time there was sometimes a small glimmer of hope. It was hard to see, but oftentimes people would put their own life at risk at the potential outcome of helping another soul. Because of these people the war eventually came to an end and many more lives were saved. These are the people that prove humanity still exists. These are the people that fight to stop disasters like this from ever occurring again. These are the people that are fulfilling their duty as a human. In order to prevent the Holocaust, all we had to do was be human.