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Interesting day in D.C.

An update from Virginia V.: Today in D.C. was very eventful. We meet with some very influential and prominent people who have worked their way up to being some of the most successful in their field, which was very exciting. First we went to Southwest Airlines to see what they do with the government. I never realized that there are so many sectors in just one business. It is very nice to see also how Southwest has maintained their goal of being a different company in the sense that they portray a specific, very welcoming, personality. This was very evident in through the talk that we received. We then went to meet with Kelly Dunbar, a partner at a large [...]

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Memorable Meetings

 An update from Caroline C., a junior studying corporate communication and public affairs, concentrating on political communication, with minors in ethics, and law and legal reasoning.     Today in D.C. was a life changing and eye-opening experience. Our first meeting with Southwest Airlines made me realize how much importance that the private sector holds within Washington. Being so used to the political public sphere, I enjoyed seeing how the employees of a private company interacted with the political world. Next we visited a huge law firm known as Wilmerhale. Kelly Dunbar, a partner at the firm, discussed his journey to his current position at the company. I enjoyed listening to his extensive discussion of the Texas Voter ID case, [...]

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