July 18, 2016

Landing in Trivandrum (short for the mouth full: Thiruvananthapuram) I really did not know what to expect from this part of India. One can only read so many statistics, but at the end of the day, statistics are just the number of the stories never seen or told. The people here are different: very focused and work driven. Because of that they are excellent at getting a job done quick. It may not be the best job done, but as long as they saved more money than the guy next to them, then the day was considered a success. But I digress, I am not here for an anthropological view, but rather a medical one.


My stay consists of residing in Trivandrum, and traveling everyday to Karakonam, which consisted of an hour and a half long drive to the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Somervell Memorial Hospital and Medical College had been established in 2002, serving a very rural community of Karakonam. I do not know what to expect from the area, even though India as a whole is known for mosquito borne illnesses such as dengue fever, chicken gunya, and malaria, and contaminant-based diseases such as typhoid, and hepatitis disease. I shall find out soon enough!