SMU Outdoor Adventures took students to the Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area near Port O’Connor, Texas, for Fall Break 2015. These updates are from Jessica, Outdoor Adventures trip leader:

We woke up on Monday to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean. The wind was bearable and did not blow away our tents (which is a common thing that happens on Matagorda Island, TRUST me).

We took our time to make breakfast, a big meal that we couldn’t finish of – pancakes. We brought chocolate chips for the pancakes, which ended up melting – so, needless to say, the chocolate pancakes were kind of a mess, but Nick and Maira were instant pancake gurus and we basically had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast!

After cleaning up breakfast, we headed to the beach, Tetiana leading the way of course. We enjoyed the ocean – the water was so clear that we could see the bottom! As you may know, that rarely happens on Texas beaches. Another gorgeous, sunny day, we spent it napping and sun bathing on the sand. Tetiana and Sam went for a walk down the beach – but not nearly to the lighthouse, which is about 3 miles away.

We had PB&J’s for lunch with fruit, and spent some time playing volleyball and playing the card game Uno. Tetiana insisted that we bring celery, and we set up the Uno game so that the loser must eat a stick of celery. New to the game, Meng ate about 4 celery sticks (“I will NEVER eat celery again!!!”), with Washington close behind at about 2 or 3. After some time, we made quesadillas for dinner – Meng’s new favorite meal, we each had about 3. That night we had a small campfire and attempted to make s’mores. The night was clear enough to see the Milky Way, and the water in the bay glowed with lichen.