SMU Outdoor Adventures took students to the Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area near Port O’Connor, Texas, for Fall Break 2015. These updates are from Jessica, Outdoor Adventures trip leader:

Sam and I woke up before the sun was up – and paid dearly for it, since mosquitos also wake up early, apparently. We started breaking down camp (all the while swatting at the bugs) and loading the kayaks. Everyone else got up and helped as well.

We grabbed granola bars for breakfast and filled our water bottles. We started in our kayaks around 8 a.m. The water was as smooth as glass, and it took us about an hour to get halfway. We kayaked that morning in a little bit of rain, but it was nice because it wasn’t too hot, and the rain soon stopped.

After halfway, the current picked up a bit, but we were still making good time. We saw a few dolphins near our kayaks as we neared the Fishing Center, and finally put out around 11 a.m. – a nice 3 hours of kayaking!

We loaded the van and set out for Victoria for lunch at Whataburger. After fulfilling our need for fast food, we started the journey home toward Dallas. Finally, after not too much traffic, we arrived in Dallas around 6:30 p.m. We quickly unloaded and hung up our gear, and recapped the trip with everyone. Since we were all sandy and dirty, we decided to make things quick – we worked together to get things done and finally left the OA (Outdoor Adventures).

The trip was, needless to say, a great success, and I am so grateful to have had an amazing last trip to Matagorda Island with the OA as a trip leader! This has been by far my favorite trip, and I am very happy with how perfectly things went! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and I think this is the greatest way to spend Fall Break!