SMU Temerlin Advertising Institute students, Advertising Professor Alice Kendrick and Texas Gov. Rick Perry at Fox News in New York (Credit SMU Adventures/Laura)

An update from Laura, a senior marketing major:

SMU ad students ran into Texas Governor Rick Perry in NYC on Monday. Our class had the pleasure of attending the daily morning show Fox & Friends, with host Steve Doocy. We were escorted to the back hallway that led to the studio to wait for Steve.

To our surprise, Governor Perry was a guest during the 8-9 a.m. hour. Before his segment, we had the opportunity to speak to him, shake his hand and take some pictures. Texas was recently named the Best State for Business by Chief Executive Magazine, and Governor Perry shared with viewers the four main things he believes help businesses thrive: tax structure, regulatory climate, legal system and the public school system.

We sent him on his way with a thank-you note branded with the Temerlin Advertising Institute. Our NYC MayTerm class travels to all of our visits with nice thank-you notes that have our class picture and signatures. Being prepared certainly came in handy on the Fox visit, because we were able to quickly address a thank-you card to Governor Perry. Right after he walked off set, I was personally able to hand him our envelope, and he turned and blew us a kiss as he walked down the hallway.

Later in the day, our group picture with the governor was posted on his Twitter – a great way for us to witness the power of social media to spread the word about our NYC class from the Temerlin Advertising Institute!