An update from Amber, a senior majoring in human rights and political science:

On our first day in Costa Rica, we visited an organization called CEJIL, or the Center for Justice and International Law. Paola Limon of CEJIL explained how her organization works within Latin America to investigate and bring violations against human rights to trial through the Inter-American system.

Although it can take years for the court to hear a case, CEJIL tirelessly works to bring justice through Inter-American court rulings. The organization works to fight impunity in Latin America and bring justice to victims of crimes against humanity. Some examples of those represented by CEJIL are victims (or relatives) of armed conflict, torture and forced dissappearance in Guatemala, relatives of those massacred in Brazil, disappeared child soldiers in Paraguay, victims of violence against women and girls in Nicaragua and victims of LGBTI violence in Honduras.

CEJIL was established in 1991 and has been working to defend those who have suffered crimes against humanity for the last 23 years. It is organizations like this that remind us that we can make a difference and must continue the fight for a better tomorrow.