An update from Andrew, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a first-year majoring in Anthropology and Human Rights:


Tammy Winter (pictured above with SMU Ambassador Mehdi Hami) is going to be an RA in Armstrong Commons next year. I spoke with her about the excitement surrounding the Residential Commons, and asked her what we can expect to see in the residence halls next year. Here is what she had to say:

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the Residential Commons?
A: “I’m really excited about the sense of community that the Residential Commons is bringing to SMU. We’re integrating the classroom with the residence halls, and I think we’ll be better for it.”

Q: How do you think campus life will change as a result of the Residential Commons?
A: “I think what we’ll find is that we’ll have a more connected campus once the RC vision is fully implemented. The whole idea is that we want to give students another identity on top of being a Mustang. I definitely think students will be more engaged both with each other and with our awesome faculty.”

Q: As an RA, what kind of community would you like to see in your Commons?
A: “What I want more than anything is to help my future residents build connections that reach across individual majors, hobbies, hometowns, etc. I think the RAs already do a great job of that, but our switch to the Residential Commons is going to require that we get even more creative in connecting our residents because the individual halls will all be even more diverse than they previously were.”

Q: Is there anything you want your future residents to know about you?
A: “I was in an elevator with Troy Aikman once and didn’t faint. So there’s that.”

Speaking with Tammy confirmed that the opening of the Residential Commons will be a monumental event for SMU. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months! I would like to thank Tammy for sharing her thoughts with me; she will make a great RA next year.