An update from Jamie, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in accounting in the Cox School of Business. 

I type in the code and step into a warm room amongst the cold outside. The smell of tomato soup fills my nose. It’s lunch time at Delta Gamma. I get my plate and sit down at a table full of friends.

The best part isn’t the soup, though, or the grilled cheese, or even the nice place setting and the fine silverware. It’s that time after everyone is done eating, but still sitting down. We linger.

The conversations range from SMU basketball to politics to who had the cutest dress at formal. We laugh, discuss, and bond. I love learning more about new sisters, and I welcome the longer meal times into my daily schedule.

When the Residential Commons system has begun, people are going to be eating with their hall mates as well as their FIRs in either Arnold or Umph. Having meals together is one of the most cherished traditions at Oxford University, especially meals with professors.

Sharing a dinner with teachers allows us to learn about them and treat them as people, rather than police officers or grade makers. We can relate to them, discuss things, and bond. Just like my sisters and I do each day together at the table. I feel unequivocally comfortable at the DG house, and enjoy each conversation surrounding the cup of soup or sandwich I’m having. I can only hope that every incoming freshman, and each sophomore, will feel the same way eating with their fellow Residential Commons FIRs and friends.