An update from Meaghan, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student triple majoring in Environmental Science with an Earth Science emphasis, Geology, and Chemistry, while triple minoring in Math, English, and Environmental Engineering:


Wow! What a weekend. What do you get when you take an NCC, an NRHH-CC, an RHA president, and an advisor and stick them in a car on the way to LSU for conference? A bunch of good ideas!

I’m so excited to talk a little bit about the conference we went to this past weekend and changes that may be coming up for RHA.

Without going into details, RHA will be restructured to match the new plan for the Residential Commons system. The method for casting votes in RHA will be altered and Commons council presidents will be given a more important role than ever before.

At No Frills this weekend, a conference that is entirely business and no “fun” for the SWACURH (South West Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls region). (If you remember a post from me in November I talked about SWACURH and how much fun it was), SMU was well represented by our NCC, RHA President, and NRHH-CC. At the conference we got to see different initiatives other schools were taking with their RHA, and have a lot more ideas for the coming year!

As newly elected NCC, I’m so excited for the changes that I’m going to help bring about. This is truly an amazing time to be at SMU. My first order of business is to lead a delegation to Wisconsin in May for NACURH, the national conference version of SWACURH. It will be a great opportunity to bring back information to strengthen the new Residential Commons system as we move into our RCs in the fall.

That’s it for now! Stay warm, my friends!