SMU-in-London: Arts 2014

Students in the SMU-in-London: Arts spend five weeks in the city, becoming 21st-century explorers while taking two courses. Associate Theatre Professor Gretchen Smith in the Meadows School of the Arts teaches London theatre history from the era of Shakespeare to the present. Dance Professor Shelley Berg teaches about London as a metropolis filled with myriad “performance” experiences – cultural, social, historical and political.

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Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle draws tourists from all over the world – including famous ones! Emily scored a shot of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal when she and Stephanie visited the landmark.

Stephanie at Windsor Castle, 2014

Stephanie at Windsor Castle. Photo credit: Stephanie/SMU Adventures

Windsor Castle grounds, 2014

The beautiful Windsor Castle grounds. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures

Shaquille O'Neal at Windsor Castle, 2014

Even the great Shaquille O’Neal enjoys being a tourist. Photo credit: Emily/SMU Adventures

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