An update from Alexander, a junior majoring in finance, with a minor in computer science, and a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps:

Today is not an ordinary Tuesday … because it is our first full day in the UK. I am lucky enough to be the first RCLC blogger on this incredible trip to the United Kingdom. Our journey began Monday night as we toured London. We walked by Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral and so much more.

We left for Oxford in the afternoon, and we were all excited to experience a Residential College system like none other. The three-hour bus ride and long walks were all worth it as we stumbled through the large wooden doors of University College. The campus is gorgeous! The incredible grass lawn, beautiful flowers, and yellow stone buildings are all breathtaking! We ate dinner in an old dining hall with long wooden tables and benches. That night, we walked by the river as we took in this incredible city. We had a great first day in the UK, and I am very excited to start our Residential Commons research!