For the end of core course week, we journeyed to Sweden to see how a country similar to Denmark approaches immigration.

Highlights from Sweden:

-Exploring Malmö



-Visit to Ögardsskolan & Mosque in Malmö. The mosque is also a Muslim school.



-Visit to the Lindingsplan ghetto. Here we learned about one of the integration programs.

-The cutest Bread and Breakfast place with the sweetest staff



-Exploring Gothenburg



-Visit with the Sweden Democrats Political Party. This was one of my favorite visits in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats want to limit immigration to Sweden. Our group did not hold back asking the representatives difficult questions. It was a very interesting session.

-Visit to the Museum of World Culture.

-Watching Yallahrup Færgeby with translations by Professor Jakob. This is quite the provocative animation.

-Bowling at Bruket