Kronborg Slot:


Our host father, Michael, took us on a tour of Kronborg slot, the castle famous for being the setting of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Our host father grew up in Helsingør so he was our professional tour guide, showing us the best routes to explore and giving us additional details about the history of the castle.

We visited the Casemates, where the soldiers were quartered during times of war, and saw the statue of Holger the Dane, one of Denmark’s legendary heroes. Afterwards, we visited the Chapel.



Fredensborg Slot:


About a week ago, my host siblings and I got a private tour of Fredensborg slot, the castle where the Queen lives seven months out of the year. Unfortunately she was not in residence at the time we visited, however, the visit was still extremely special since the castle is usually closed to the public until April. This private tour of Fredensborg slot was possible because our host mother knew the caretaker of the castle. The caretaker was giving a private tour to the President of the Pasadena Rose Parade and his wife, so we were privileged to be able to join in on their tour! Being with the caretaker we got to view some private rooms and hear neat stories:

-Most of the stables and extra rooms in the castle are the home to old furniture. This is furniture that the Queen does not give away because either it is not hers (it is the government’s) or it is an important piece of history.

-Important visitors to Fredensborg slot sign their name on the glass windows using a diamond pen. We saw the signatures of George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and Bill Clinton.

-Anyone can apply to work at the castle as long as they pass the security check. Of course, being a worker at Fredensborg means your phone and mail will be monitored.

-There were plants, trees, fabrics, and more that were hundreds of years old

-Only the Queen has bodyguards, the Prince does not.

-The Prince rearranges stuff when the Queen isn’t around and when the Queen comes home she tells him to put everything back.

-The prince’s hunting friends gave him this unicorn pictured below (The Queen dislikes it):