image1An update from Tania, a junior majoring in communication studies with a minor in legal law and reasoning, who is enrolled in the J Term class Environmental Communications:

Standing in awe at the beauty of the snowcapped mountains and endless rivers in Taos, New Mexico, I now want to scream out to all SMU students to find their way to this wonderfully challenging and adventurous place! Enjoy this exhilarating environmental hot spot. This amazing experience is one that SMU students shouldn’t miss.

For me, it started as “Hey, the Taos office is on the 3rd floor of Blanton. Should I sign up?” The next steps involved filling out an application, talking to the financial aid office and then packing my bags and driving down with a group of five students. We came out a few days early to take the wellness class. It has been a surprising relief to find that the class has graciously accommodated our various skill levels in skiing and snowboarding.

Around here, I was part of the “never ever group.” I had never ever had a ski boot on or attempted to take on this wild terrain. But, I discovered that I could not only learn to ski, but also to snowboard, hike a snow-covered mountain, take a spin class and study environmental issues all in one wintery location. Amazing, I tell you! And in our cozy casitas at night, we gather to discuss all the different classes, while making new friends, and enjoying the whole experience. Did I mention the food is unbelievable here?

So in closing, I am calling all Mustangs! This summer, fall or next J Term, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this stunning and historically rich Fort Burgwin campus, and the surrounding towns. Tradition, culture, fellowship, and adventure — the four hallmarks of SMU-in-Taos — have impacted my college experience for life. It’s the perfect place to pony up, my friends! Pony up!


Hiking at SMU-in-Taos