IMG_2820An update from Savannah, a senior communications and history major who participated in the J Term classes Environmental Communication and Wellness:

As a second-semester senior, the reality that I will leave SMU is getting closer. But, this realization didn’t just hit me. Instead, that came very early in my senior year.

I’m very lucky to have been selected as a Hunt Scholar, and due to the generosity of the Hunt family we, the scholars, travel to Taos one weekend in the fall semester. This year, I was unable to go because of a conflict in my schedule, and I was distraught. Some of my favorite memories from SMU were made in Taos. In fact, some of my most cherished friendships were made on the Taos campus. So, the thought of missing my senior year stung. I vowed to get to Taos some way, as a sort of pilgrimage. But, as a senior, the possibility looked bleak.

Around November, I was presented my chance. When I went to register for classes my advisor mentioned the idea of J-Term. She then said the magic word “Taos,” and I was paying absolute attention. My desire to go to Taos finally had an opportunity to come to fruition! As we checked the schedule, we realized two credits I needed were offered, and it was a done deal.

Stepping on campus, I was elated to get back to the beautiful campus. My classes, Mountain Sports and Environmental Communications, were shaping up to be an adventure in themselves, and everyone there was just as excited as I was to get started. It all went by in a flash — days spent skiing, visiting environmental nonprofits, and meetings about making Taos a completely renewable town. I was immersed in a Taos that I had never seen before. It was a J-Term to remember. I was still pampered by the amazing staff while there, but the opportunity to spend two weeks, instead of two days, in Taos afforded me the chance to better understand the unique culture Taos offers.

Now, when I (hopefully) walk across the stage in May, I will have the memories of not just my time in Taos with my Hunts, but also with the many friends I made while I was there this past January. It was easily the best serendipitous thing to ever come out of an advising meeting, ever.