An update from Meredith of The Guildhall at SMU:

Things are really starting to heat up at day two of Comic Con Chicago!  In between character spotting and photo ops, we’re on the lookout for future gamers and game changers.

The most popular characters so far are Deadpool and Harley Quinn. They come in all sizes and shapes and constantly amaze.

Another unique aspect of this Con is the sheer number of Star Trek actors making an appearence including Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Brent Spiner (Data), Patrick Stewart (Picard), and Michael Dorn (Warf).

Our booth neighbor to the right are the very talented artists of Lion Forge Comics who are continually sketching and creating masterpieces. To the left is Insight Editions, publishers of journals, books providing artist insight into the World of Warcrraft, Harry Potter, and the Game of Thrones, and a wonderful tongue-in-cheek book on how to become a barbarian (including do’s and don’ts and wardrobe options).