An update from Dr. Mark Kerins, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Morrison-McGinnis Residential Community:

This is an exciting week for the Residential Commons system, with Wednesday’s housing expo giving students a chance to learn about the various RCs and then housing selection happening next Monday and Tuesday. So a week from now we’ll have the first half of new MoMac residents chosen, with the other half being first-years coming to SMU this fall.

The focus of the MoMac leadership team – now expanded from myself, Liz (our RCD), and our RCLC members to include our RAs – over the last couple weeks (including spring break) was getting materials together for the housing expo. We put together a pretty cool trifold board with a lot of great info about MoMac, including both useful building information (such as what types of rooms and bathrooms are available and where MoMac is located relative to key campus buildings) and details about some of our plans for the new RC – values, programming, traditions, motto, and the current leadership team. No sneak peek here, though – if you want to see it, for now you have to check out the Housing Expo on the 19th!

Next up other than the housing selection is finalizing a calendar for the fall – we have a lot of ideas and options but won’t be able to do all of them in one semester so need to hone down a little bit. I’m guessing what stays and what goes’ll be a topic of some hot debate at this week’s meeting….

More exciting MoMac news coming soon!