Alex in New York

Alex is a junior majoring in English and psychology. During winter break 2014, she participated in Meadows School of the Arts’ New York Colloquium, when students visit museums, art galleries, studios and other contemporary art venues.

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The view in New York


Above is a photo taken from my professor’s hotel room during our class meeting this morning and below is a picture I took while walking through Central Park on my way to the Met. Don’t be fooled; although it appears sunny, it was actually nine degrees today! Brrr, that’s not something this Texan was prepared for…



Metropolitan Museum of Art


Color spectrum


A few of my favorites from today.

tumblr_mz2ajkJpek1rg2pr9o2_250 tumblr_mz2ajkJpek1rg2pr9o3_400 tumblr_mz2ajkJpek1rg2pr9o1_250


Fun fact: that last photo of the stained glass is a picture taken of a window made by one of the Tiffany sons (as in, the jewelry company Tiffany’s) who decided not to go into the family jewelry business. Instead he became an artist and almost singlehandedly reinvented stained glass production as an art form.

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