Alex in New York

Alex is a junior majoring in English and psychology. During winter break 2014, she participated in Meadows School of the Arts’ New York Colloquium, when students visit museums, art galleries, studios and other contemporary art venues.

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Snow in New York City!

It’s really very pretty. Luckily we will be visiting the New Museum today, so we will be enjoying it from indoors.

View of Manhattan from my professor’s room in Hotel Beacontumblr_mz708uKOuv1rg2pr9o1_400

Spotted in midtowntumblr_mz70gzD2HX1rg2pr9o1_400

New Museum of Contemporary Art (as if you couldn’t tell from the architecture!)tumblr_mz70hzNiME1rg2pr9o1_400

“Porsche with Meteorite” | Chris Burdentumblr_mz7k18qKoG1rg2pr9o1_400

Little Free Library in NoHotumblr_mz7k4qqMK41rg2pr9o1_250tumblr_mz7k4qqMK41rg2pr9o2_250

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