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The Last Stop

Summer has finally come to an end. London was an amazing experience. Getting to work with Stop the Traffik for the last two weeks was the perfect way to end the summer. I enjoyed getting to work with the Global and the UK STT team. Stop the Traffik is a nonprofit organization dedicating to spreading awareness about human trafficking. They plan and create campaigns to help prevent human trafficking and raise awareness globally. Stop the Traffik has worked to provide information to the public so they can help prevent this heinous crime from happening in their country and around the world. Stop the Traffik is currently promoting and working on three of their major campaigns: Chocolate, Fashion, and Tea. These [...]

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Happy trails!

As school starts back up and my time as a ManeGait intern comes to a close, I can only describe myself as incredibly grateful for the experience I had this summer. I learned so much in the past few months, both inside and outside of the office. I don’t think an internship in any other context or at any other organization could have given me the unique opportunities and knowledge that I was able to gain at ManeGait. Being able to participate in and see firsthand the inner workings of a nonprofit was a gift I will use for the rest of my career. After taking SMU’s first sociological course on nonprofits, this internship was the best way to put [...]

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