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Walls come down, excitement goes up

Baby ewok, San Antonio Comic Con 2014. Photo credit: René Archambault/SMU Adventures People of all ages came out today to celebrate the fun that Comic Con San Antonio brings to the city. From a baby Ewok, to a magnificent Maleficent, to an Ursula who looked like she swam straight out of the movie, it was a full day of cosplay (costume play). Many of these cosplayers spent time with SMU Guildhall exploring their desire to break into the video game industry. Overheard more often than not: “I had no idea that I could get a master’s degree in video game development. This is awesome.” This show proves that when a group of like-minded people get together, walls come down, excitement [...]

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Exploring Christ Church Cathedral and Trinity College

An update from Andrew, a sophomore majoring in anthropology and human rights, and a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps in Armstrong Commons: Following a spectacular celebration at Highclere Castle last night, the RCLC began our 6th day of research in Oxford this morning. After breakfast, I was one of several RCLC members to attend a service at Christ Church Cathedral. The Cathedral is thoughtfully situated amongst the picturesque landscape of Christ Church College, one of the largest colleges at Oxford University. Founded in 1546, Christ Church College boasts a rich history of distinguished alums, including Robert Hooke, John Locke, and John Wesley. The college has also produced 13 British Prime Ministers, which is more than any other college [...]

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