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Pomp and Circumstance

An update from Olivia, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering and a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps in Boaz Commons: Today was a full day of both learning and entertainment! I consider today the most fruitful in my small group's quest to understand the student governance and leadership system of the various Oxford colleges. In this morning's "Dig Session," the Univ porter gave us a booklet on the current day-to-day information a prospective student would be interested in. Upon reading it, we found mentions of a 'JCR' and 'Peer Support Panel,' which spurred further research on the terms. Many Oxford colleges like Univ, Trinity and Somerville have similar leadership systems. The JCR, Junior Common Room, is similar to [...]

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The Guildhall at SMU will travel to Comic Con in San Antonio, Chicago, Austin and New Orleans from August 2014 to January 2015. The popular conventions reach a large and enthusiastic gaming audience. René Archambault, manager of admissions and alumni affairs, will blog about Guildhall activities at the San Antonio gathering.

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Learning beyond the classroom: Stonehenge and Bath

An update from Alexis, a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering and a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps: Today we traveled for many hours to visit two very historical places in England. First, we went to the town of Bath. Our first stop in Bath was to the Royal Crest, where many of the wealthy English royalty used to stay and vacation, and it is now home to the most expensive hotel in all of England. After spending some time soaking in the Royal Crest we traveled to the ancient Roman ruins of Bath. While in the ruins we had an audio tour and learned about the architecture of the ruins, the people who built the ruins, and about [...]

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