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Human rights are everyone’s responsibility

An update from Derek, a junior majoring in finance and economics: Today marks our third full day in Costa Rica. After enjoying a breakfast of the fresh, bountiful fruits of this natural wonderland, representatives from Youth for Human Rights and the Foundation for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights visited our group. The two representatives were a powerful reminder of how neglected human rights issues are. I am confident that there is much good in the world and that people would support human rights given the chance. However, most people are bystanders simply because they do not realize what is going on. I went on this trip to gain a better understanding of human rights. Having never taken a [...]

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Defenders of justice for Latin America

The Embrey Human Rights Program’s Student Leadership Initiative is traveling to Costa Rica in May 2014 to investigate specific human rights issues. Eighteen students attended lectures during the Spring 2014 term in preparation for the trip. They will complete an independent research project and present their findings at a symposium. The student-led SLI was founded in 2010 to create opportunities to pursue human rights research and service-learning projects.

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