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The Residential Commons Gets Crests!

An update from Jamie, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in accounting in the Cox School of Business.  It seems like every time I’m in poetry class I end up doodling. My mind is focused on the discussion of the poem, of course, but my creative side is so in tune that my hand can’t help but continue to put pencil on paper. First, the outline. Then a middle crossbar-a sort of upside down V. Then our symbols. And finally, my commons’ name, “WARE,” in bold letters across the top. I’m drawing a rough version of our crest. Each RCLC team has meticulously planned out, hand drawn and rewritten, and submitted their crest for approval [...]

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Supporting animal rights in Taos

An update from Sabrina, a sophomore majoring in business who participated in one of the two Alternative Breaks trips to Taos: When most people think of spring break, they imagine taking a relaxing trip home to see family and friends or a destination vacation for sightseeing/countless hours spent on the beach. While these are certainly popular choices for many, the week full of experiences that I shared with 8 other students and a faculty advisor was far greater than any of the aforementioned endeavors. We began our trip in the wee hours of the morning, meeting outside of Hughes-Trigg to load the (questionably) sturdy white van and depart for the ~11 hour drive to the SMU-in-Taos campus. After a long [...]

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