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An update from Meaghan, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student triple majoring in Environmental Science with an Earth Science emphasis, Geology, and Chemistry, while triple minoring in Math, English, and Environmental Engineering: It’s a pretty big buzzword on campus these days. But how does it relate to the Residential Commons? I’ve talked before about how the Residential Commons will bring diversity to students, but not a whole lot about what we, as a diverse population, can bring to SMU. We as students come from all walks of life, with all different backgrounds, and we have the amazing opportunity to share our stories with our fellow residents. A Residential Commons is a mini-SMU, a small example of the [...]

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Growing gardens and community in San Francisco

An update from Hena, a sophomore majoring in political science and public relations who participated in the Alternative Breaks trip to San Francisco: San Francisco is a pretty interesting city. It wasn’t at all what I expected, and I’m glad it wasn’t. Our group arrived in SanFran (as group leader, Katie, likes to call it) on Saturday afternoon. As we walked to our hostel, we passed by a man experiencing homelessness who could tell some of us were on edge. He uttered the words, “Wave and don’t get robbed!” Katie thought he said, “Wave and don’t give up” so she made that her motto for the rest of trip. It was a good motto to have as we trekked up [...]

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The Residential Commons Gets Crests!

An update from Jamie, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in accounting in the Cox School of Business.  It seems like every time I’m in poetry class I end up doodling. My mind is focused on the discussion of the poem, of course, but my creative side is so in tune that my hand can’t help but continue to put pencil on paper. First, the outline. Then a middle crossbar-a sort of upside down V. Then our symbols. And finally, my commons’ name, “WARE,” in bold letters across the top. I’m drawing a rough version of our crest. Each RCLC team has meticulously planned out, hand drawn and rewritten, and submitted their crest for approval [...]

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Supporting animal rights in Taos

An update from Sabrina, a sophomore majoring in business who participated in one of the two Alternative Breaks trips to Taos: When most people think of spring break, they imagine taking a relaxing trip home to see family and friends or a destination vacation for sightseeing/countless hours spent on the beach. While these are certainly popular choices for many, the week full of experiences that I shared with 8 other students and a faculty advisor was far greater than any of the aforementioned endeavors. We began our trip in the wee hours of the morning, meeting outside of Hughes-Trigg to load the (questionably) sturdy white van and depart for the ~11 hour drive to the SMU-in-Taos campus. After a long [...]

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What one person can do

An update from Abigail, who participated in the Alternative Breaks trip to Indianapolis: Sometimes we forget the impact just one person can have. This rings especially true when we serve. Whenever I serve I always feel this irrational need to make a grand difference in the world, to do something essential to the advancement of humankind or world peace. However, the reality is, service is often grunt work and may even seem like work that is virtually inconsequential. During spring break, I took part in my very first Alternative Breaks trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, where I and a team of nine others helped out at Global Peace Initiatives. None of us were entirely certain what exactly Global Peace Initiatives was [...]

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Meet Tammy Winter

An update from Andrew, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a first-year majoring in Anthropology and Human Rights: Tammy Winter (pictured above with SMU Ambassador Mehdi Hami) is going to be an RA in Armstrong Commons next year. I spoke with her about the excitement surrounding the Residential Commons, and asked her what we can expect to see in the residence halls next year. Here is what she had to say: Q: What are you most looking forward to about the Residential Commons? A: “I'm really excited about the sense of community that the Residential Commons is bringing to SMU. We're integrating the classroom with the residence halls, and I think we'll be better for it.” Q: How do [...]

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