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Recharged and Inspired

An update from Karma, a junior human rights and political science double major with a minor in law and legal reasoning: As I return from the 10th Annual SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage, I have a shadow lingering over my head, a shadow that has existed since March 15, 2011. Today – March 15, 2014 – marks the three-year anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian Revolution. Born to Syrian immigrants, I have been greatly influenced by Syrian culture, history, and most importantly, the people. Throughout my entire life up until I was 17 years old, I spent every summer vacation in Syria. I never thought my last day in Syria would be my last. As I think about Emmett Till, [...]

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Little Rock Central High School

An update from Lisa, senior human rights and psychology double major: Little Rock Central High School - site of the Little Rock Nine integration implementation in 1957. Tree in front of Little Rock Central High School Display of an experiment conducted to investigate the effects of segregation on children in the museum section of the LRCHS National Historic Site. Black and white children favored white baby dolls over black dolls during a series of categorized tests. Protestors for segregation - Recognize any commonalities to modern time political and social issues? Lady Opportunity - One of the Greek goddess located above the main entrance of Little Rock Central High School. This statue [...]

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‘Thank you’ to those who led the way

An update from Denice, a graduate student in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on social justice and human rights: The poem "Hands," by previous SMU Civil Rights Pilgrim Chrysta Brown, brought the events of the past to the forefront of my mind. Her poem expresses the appreciation of those well known and those unknown Heroes and Sheroes of the Movement through imagery of hands. I think of those that went before me, paving the way for my freedom, education, ability to choose where to live and the ability to choose a career. I, too, would like to touch their hands and give a personal "Thank You!" to each and every one. There is no real way to do this but [...]

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