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Beyond boundaries, a larger world view

Bahama Mockingbird with breakfast bug Tomorrow we head back to the U.S., which means this is our last full day in Cuba (and I do mean full day!). Notwithstanding the many activities in our schedule, I have from time to time been enjoying short forays around the campus at Matanzas – and earlier, in Havana, too – to indulge my love of birding. Absent the help of a printed field guide for birds in Cuba, I am delighted to discover that many of the birds here are recognizable and quite similar to North American species with which I am familiar. Each day in Matanzas I have enjoyed the song and antics of a Bahama Mockingbird – a “life [...]

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Seeing the sights in DC

At the White House The next morning Lucy and I woke up for breakfast with some of our classmates. She was more than a little disgruntled, though, because the hot water in our hotel room didn’t seem to be working! The Tabard Inn continental breakfast was somewhat unconventional, compared to the other hotels at which we stayed. We walked into the restaurant, sat down, and ordered off a menu — but the food was still complimentary until after 9:30! Lucy and I barely made it in time — at 9:20, we joined the guys, Kelly, and Hope at their table. After we had ordered, I sat back and observed my classmates. All were relatively cheerful, despite the previous [...]

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Travel Break One

It’s been a while since I last wrote; this is because we had our first travel break! I went to London, Paris, and Málaga for the first travel break and had an amazing time! London: I flew to London with my American host sister and some other friends from DIS. They stayed in a hostel while I stayed with my old roommate (and great friend) from SMU at the London School of Economics. I tried to meet up with my American host sister and friends to tour, but none of us had phones that could work without WiFi. I ended up touring London on my own; it was great to be independent! Buckingham Palace An hour before the changing of [...]

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France and the Holocaust

An update from Candice Bledsoe, the founder and director of the Cutting Edge Youth Summit and a fellow for the Texas Project for Human Rights Education: The pilgrimage to experience learning about France and the Holocaust has been profound and moving. Learning about the dark years in France confirms that history must be shared to avoid repeating the past. As a mother, I found it extremely difficult to see the town of Oradour-sur-Glane. It was a beautiful city of 642 that stood on a beautiful landscape. The Nazis burned the entire town, while shooting men and women in their legs. Only five people escaped. To visit the town today and bear witness to these crimes is very emotional. The remains [...]

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