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I am here now

An update from Mollie, a political science and human rights major: We traveled to Selma, Alabama, earlier this week and were privileged to have Joanne Bland guide us through Selma's history and take us back in time to her participation in the civil rights movement. Ray Jordan, one of our leaders, warned us she had a big personality – and that she did. Mollie and Joanne Bland Amongst my fellow pilgrims, I was trying to blend in and follow Joanne's explicit rules and instructions. Naturally, as I'm trying to avoid drawing attention to myself, Joanne asks me to come stand by her. (As a side note, she called me Ray Charles because we apparently resemble each other. I'm [...]

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The Subversive Cross is a symbol of empowerment for all, including El Salvador’s women

An update from Lael C Melville, PsyD, a 2016 M.Div. candidate and president of the Perkins Black Seminarians Association, who also is blogging at "Following the Passion of the Cross to El Salvador": I did not share with you a remarkable gift I received on Sunday (March 9, 2014) during the morning church service. Every visitor received a handmade necklace. The necklaces were given to us by the children and youth of the church. Many of the crosses were replicas of the Subversive Cross. This cross is a symbol of both carnage and hope for some parishioners during the civil war and for Salvadorian women who currently struggle to find a safe place. “Subversive” was the name given to a group [...]

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Meeting Thomas Jefferson

Since we didn’t have to meet as a class until dinner, everyone awoke at various times and met to do different activities. A few of us woke up early to go to an event called “Liberty or Loyalty: In Print.” It sounded like it would provide an interesting take on the Colonial Era. I was actually pleasantly surprised, to tell the truth. As an English major, I was interested, but I wasn’t sure how the information would be presented. But, they had a panel of three actors who read and acted out various readings from newspapers of the time. One reading in particular that caught my ear was a play on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, basically asking, “to be free or not [...]

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Photo from Selma

An update from Alexandra, a junior majoring in history and human rights with a minor in Arabic: Civil rights mural featuring the Rev. James Reeb and Jimmie Lee Jackson, who were slain while supporting civil rights. The mural is in Selma, Ala., near the Voting Rights Museum. 

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Meaningful dialogue on diversity

A blending of cultures with hopes of much-needed salary supplementation Checked out of the Saint John hotel, packed and ready to go to Matanzas this evening. A few hours in “Old Havana” (Habana Vieja) provides an interesting and educational perspective on the Spanish colonial heritage of Cuba. An old monastery has been converted to a restaurant, complete with servers and all other personnel dressing as friars – men and women alike. It is charming in an incongruous and kitschy sort of way. Some, understandably I think, find the costumes and the commercial co-opting of what was for centuries a place of religious devotion to be mildly offensive. I am mindful of how much a small amount of money [...]

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