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Today I climbed a mountain

An update from Lael C Melville, PsyD, a 2016 M.Div. candidate and president of the Perkins Black Seminarians Association, who also is blogging at "Following the Passion of the Cross to El Salvador": Today I climbed a mountain. It was not on my itinerary or list of events for the day. Our planned itinerary included: running at 6 a.m. (small group lead by Dr. Recinos – what a great runner), departure from the hotel at 9 a.m., a Lutheran church mass and meeting with Father Gomez, lunch at Planes de Renderos, visit to Panchimalco church and museum, and a stop at a coffee house. Once back at the hotel: dinner at 7:30 p.m., a debriefing and review of plans for the [...]

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Kindness, connections, a new rhythm

Sunrise over La Habana. I awaken to sunrise over elegant old hotels and ramshackle apartment high-rises in Havana, Cuba. The golden light paints sky and sea before pouring through the window of my room on the 12th floor of Saint John’s. It is beautiful, and the excitement of being here makes it easy to disregard any fatigue from the long day yesterday. I am told that most hotels in Cuba now have 110 volt electrical systems. Saint John’s – an older but comfortable hotel – only has 220 volts. This means hitting the street first thing in the morning in search of an electrical outlet compatible with my little water heater. Happily, I am successful on my first [...]

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Life at Mount Vernon, with slavery

I don’t think any of us were terribly delighted at the early morning departure, but somehow, my classmates and I managed to be packed and in the hotel lobby by eight o’clock the next morning. We piled into the van, and eventually we found ourselves parked in the back of the Mount Vernon parking lot. The wind whipped through our jackets, causing everyone to huddle together to avoid the cold. At nine, the gates swung aside, and we were swept into the grounds along with the enormous crowd of Washington admirers. At the entrance to Mount Vernon Inside, the guides shuffled us into the main house, room by room. The guides were extremely robotic, but the house was [...]

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