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Walking tour of Alexandria

The next morning was extremely hectic, and it took some time for everyone to get breakfast and meet in the lobby for our walking tour of Alexandria. When all eleven of the students were sitting in the lobby, Ms. Spaniolo and Dr. Doyle explained that we would be walking to a house just down the street. There, we would meet a tour guide, go on a walking tour, and experience Alexandria for the first time. They took us down the street to a colonial house labeled “The Visitor’s Center” to meet our tour guide for the morning. It was absolutely charming — and our tour guide was certainly a unique individual! She was a boisterous woman with an impressive wealth [...]

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Journey to La Habana

Part I I am determined to go on the immersion experience with or without my luggage (which was “MIA” upon my arrival yesterday from Dallas via St. Louis to the airport known as MIA — Miami, although the airline indicates that it will arrive this morning before we depart for Havana). If I have to travel light, I can make do. I have learned that there are state-run stores (often with limited stock) as well as the beginnings of some private enterprise in Cuba – both state-licensed ventures and informal individual businesses that are tolerated by the government. Beyond that, shopping in Cuba – how many stores will be available, what items they may or may not stock – remains [...]

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