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Why the Residential Commons?

An update from Miroslava Detcheva, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the McElvaney Residential Community: Why do we need the Residential Commons? This is a question many students have asked me. Personally, I see the Residential Commons (RCs) as melting pots of academic interests, unique talents, and ever-growing cultural diversity that will shape and mold excellent scholars and well-rounded individuals. In the new communities, students will be able to interact with peers from all academic disciplines and diverse backgrounds. They will also connect on a more personal level with enthusiastic faculty willing to mentor and share unique life experiences. As we are getting ready for the grand opening of the Residential Commons, some students have questioned the transformation of campus living. [...]

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Dinner Conversation

An update from Jamie, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in accounting in the Cox School of Business.  I type in the code and step into a warm room amongst the cold outside. The smell of tomato soup fills my nose. It’s lunch time at Delta Gamma. I get my plate and sit down at a table full of friends. The best part isn’t the soup, though, or the grilled cheese, or even the nice place setting and the fine silverware. It’s that time after everyone is done eating, but still sitting down. We linger. The conversations range from SMU basketball to politics to who had the cutest dress at formal. We laugh, discuss, and [...]

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Signing Day with a Side of Sugar

An update from Dr. Mark Kerins, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Morrison-McGinnis Residential Community: Prep for next year continues, and the pace is now picking up as the launch date for the RCs gets closer. Last Friday I met with the usual MoMac team (RCLC members Michael, Alexis, and Olivia, and RCD Liz Rader) to prep for the housing expo next month, where returning students can find info about the various RCs and decide where they want to live. Obviously, MoMac will be the place to be, but it still took some serious discussion about the best way to convey that on a trifold board. We usually meet in a conference room, but given the nice weather we decided to [...]

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El Tertuliano

Vengan, vengan todos! Hace demasiado frio!! Our profesora, Marta Beriso Lopez, herded us into her countryside home, an hour and a half outside of Madrid. The five students in our art history class were joining her and her mother for a special tradition called el tertuliano. El tertuliano, as defined by the Collins online dictionary, normally refers to a radio or talk show host who chats about celebrity gossip and the like. However, it can also mean “member of a social gathering.” What the online dictionaries don’t explain is the Spanish tradition of the tertuliano, which I was fortunate enough to experience during my semester abroad in Spain. A common tradition during holidays or weekends, the tertuliano is essentially an [...]

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It’s a Team Effort

An update from Dr. Robert Krout, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Mary Hay/Peyton Residential Community: Going into this year as a FiR in Mary Hay-Peyton Halls/Fine Arts Community, I knew that I would be working with RLSH staff, RAs, and other residents/students. However, I did not appreciate the intricate and many roles that all of us play in the life of the residential community. I continue to be humbled by the extraordinary efforts of all involved in the operation of our community this year, as well as those of us who will continue as a team when we add Shuttles Hall to our RC in August. As an example, we had our weekly staff meeting last night around my [...]

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Queens and Castles

Kronborg Slot: Our host father, Michael, took us on a tour of Kronborg slot, the castle famous for being the setting of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Our host father grew up in Helsingør so he was our professional tour guide, showing us the best routes to explore and giving us additional details about the history of the castle. We visited the Casemates, where the soldiers were quartered during times of war, and saw the statue of Holger the Dane, one of Denmark’s legendary heroes. Afterwards, we visited the Chapel. Fredensborg Slot: About a week ago, my host siblings and I got a private tour of Fredensborg slot, the castle where the Queen lives seven months out of the year. Unfortunately she [...]

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5 Great Resources for Your Weekend Trips

Studying abroad, whether for a summer or a semester, will most likely involve a variety of weekend trips. Some of these trips may allow three days to explore a city, and some may span only an afternoon. Here are some resources to find what you need to know in order to have the best time during your visits! 1. The New York Times’ 36-Hours-In Series The New York Times has a “36-Hours-In” column series that has become so popular, it’s hard to find a city it doesn’t cover. The articles are concise and varied, generally representing cultural experiences, such as famous museums or historical sites, great restaurants for varying budgets, and local bars and music scenes. In addition to reading about cities [...]

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One Month!

It’s been a month here in Denmark now and it feels that time has gone by very fast! I have been engaged in all of my classes and I am greatly enjoying studying here. Studying abroad has made me gain a new curiosity for America. Learning about the Danish way of doing things makes me want to revisit and learn more about the American way of doing things. For example, in my core course we have been focusing on immigration policies and perspectives in Denmark. I realize I do not know much about the immigration policies in America even though I’ve been surrounded by many immigrants. I’ve become more interested in American politics and also more of a critical thinker. [...]

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August 2014 Can’t Come Soon Enough

An update from Miroslava Detcheva, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the McElvaney Residential Community: The Residential Commons (RC) are opening their doors to all freshmen and sophomores for the first time in SMU history this August (2014). What once seemed like a distant dream, will now become reality in less than six months. If you have been living under a rock and have not heard of the future RC model at SMU, it is going to be “an integrated academic and residential experience” with students welcomed into communities thriving on intellectual exchange and meaningful social engagement. Currently, student leaders, residential staff and faculty have teamed up to create the identity of the eleven Residential Commons. Each community will be defined [...]

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