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A hidden treasure

At the Rio Grande Gorge An update from Franklin, a junior communication studies major who is enrolled in the J Term classes Environmental Communication and Wellness: It’s cold, my legs are exhausted, and I have conquered my fear of flying down a mountain. Now on to some homework for my Environmental Communication class. This is how I spent weekends during SMU J-Term in Taos. The activities are jam-packed into a short amount of time, but I would not have it any other way! Taos is a unique town to explore and to study during a cold winter, yet have fun at the same time. I have had an opportunity to hike, cycle, and ski as part of my Wellness course. [...]

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The Jewish Museum

Yesterday was technically a day off for the class, so I used the time to visit the Jewish Museum. It was different from the other museums I’ve been going to because it focused more on the history of the Jewish faith. I was shocked to find only one small corner of the 3rd floor that discussed the Holocaust. Although only two of its floors really focused on art, they were spectacular. The first floor contained a retrospective of Art Spiegelman’s work before, during, and after publication of his best seller “Maus.” A graphic novelist and cartoonist, Spiegelman is an interesting artist. I wonder how many parents of students who were required to read Maus (a book about Spiegelman’s own parents’ [...]

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There is less than a week left until I will be in Copenhagen! Being a Texan girl, I’ve never had to worry about a down jacket, functional scarves, or wool gloves, but in my preparations for Denmark, I’ve gotten most of that covered now. These last few days are a little stressful trying to make sure I have everything I might need in Denmark (no matter how much I prepare, I will never be fully prepared) and spending last moments with friends and family. It is scary and exhilarating to be leaving the comforts of my life at home. I am very excited that I will be staying with a host family! We have been exchanging emails and there is [...]

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Why Denmark?

In no particular order: My dad studied abroad in Denmark when he was in college (with a different program) In a class about the Holocaust I learned that the Danish collectively saved their Jews during the Holocaust by shipping them to neutral Sweden - Read more here. I also just ordered this novel about the rescue of Denmark’s Jews. Thanks Aunt Sandy! A country with a group of people like this must be fascinating! I have not yet been to Europe I heard great things about DIS from friends who previously studied abroad there

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Yesterday and Today

Have been quite the whirlwind! On Saturday I visited PS1, an extension of MOMA built in an old school building (all New York City public schools start with “PS” for public school). After walking through the Mike Kelly exhibit I went to Neue Gallerie to see the Kandinsky exhibit. Afterwards we met my aunt and uncle for dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant, which has been used to film scenes for 30 Rock and Parks and Rec! After dinner we went to a benefit in honor of national human trafficking awareness day. The benefit was for the charity Free the Slaves, and it was held in my uncle’s church (which was used as a major point in the Underground Railroad). [...]

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Snow in New York City!

It's really very pretty. Luckily we will be visiting the New Museum today, so we will be enjoying it from indoors. View of Manhattan from my professor's room in Hotel Beacon Spotted in midtown New Museum of Contemporary Art (as if you couldn't tell from the architecture!) "Porsche with Meteorite" | Chris Burden Little Free Library in NoHo

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An experience not to be missed

An update from Tania, a junior majoring in communication studies with a minor in legal law and reasoning, who is enrolled in the J Term class Environmental Communications: Standing in awe at the beauty of the snowcapped mountains and endless rivers in Taos, New Mexico, I now want to scream out to all SMU students to find their way to this wonderfully challenging and adventurous place! Enjoy this exhilarating environmental hot spot. This amazing experience is one that SMU students shouldn’t miss. For me, it started as “Hey, the Taos office is on the 3rd floor of Blanton. Should I sign up?” The next steps involved filling out an application, talking to the financial aid office and then packing my [...]

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Extra help from New Yorkers

Today we went on a tour of Grand Central Station, and visited a couple of smaller galleries in Midtown. I’m always shocked at just how nice people here are, considering how rude and unfriendly New Yorkers are said to be. One of the women working at PACE Gallery gave me a list of galleries to visit and a huge book of art by the artist PACE is currently exhibiting. So cool!

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In Bethlehem: Headscarves, antiquity, and the conflict

An update from Dr. Robert Hunt, Director, Perkins School of Theology Global Theological Education Program: Let’s start with a headscarf, or scarves, so that you get some idea of Bethlehem. I know that I could talk about the giant, ugly, and much despised wall that Israel has built for its own security, yet which also turns Bethlehem into an apparent prison. The irony being that it also surrounds the tomb of Rachel – so that what was once a lovely site for Hassidic Jews to visit is now enclosed by a huge concrete box topped by barbed wire – with an entrance on the Israel side. Or I could talk about the city itself, which appears to be thriving despite [...]

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The Whitney

View of the Met from Madison Avenue One of my favorite film installations in the Whitney Museum of American Art (it was 360 degrees) Another exhibit in the Whitney

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