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Snow in New York City!

It's really very pretty. Luckily we will be visiting the New Museum today, so we will be enjoying it from indoors. View of Manhattan from my professor's room in Hotel Beacon Spotted in midtown New Museum of Contemporary Art (as if you couldn't tell from the architecture!) "Porsche with Meteorite" | Chris Burden Little Free Library in NoHo

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An experience not to be missed

An update from Tania, a junior majoring in communication studies with a minor in legal law and reasoning, who is enrolled in the J Term class Environmental Communications: Standing in awe at the beauty of the snowcapped mountains and endless rivers in Taos, New Mexico, I now want to scream out to all SMU students to find their way to this wonderfully challenging and adventurous place! Enjoy this exhilarating environmental hot spot. This amazing experience is one that SMU students shouldn’t miss. For me, it started as “Hey, the Taos office is on the 3rd floor of Blanton. Should I sign up?” The next steps involved filling out an application, talking to the financial aid office and then packing my [...]

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