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Extra help from New Yorkers

Today we went on a tour of Grand Central Station, and visited a couple of smaller galleries in Midtown. I’m always shocked at just how nice people here are, considering how rude and unfriendly New Yorkers are said to be. One of the women working at PACE Gallery gave me a list of galleries to visit and a huge book of art by the artist PACE is currently exhibiting. So cool!

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In Bethlehem: Headscarves, antiquity, and the conflict

An update from Dr. Robert Hunt, Director, Perkins School of Theology Global Theological Education Program: Let’s start with a headscarf, or scarves, so that you get some idea of Bethlehem. I know that I could talk about the giant, ugly, and much despised wall that Israel has built for its own security, yet which also turns Bethlehem into an apparent prison. The irony being that it also surrounds the tomb of Rachel – so that what was once a lovely site for Hassidic Jews to visit is now enclosed by a huge concrete box topped by barbed wire – with an entrance on the Israel side. Or I could talk about the city itself, which appears to be thriving despite [...]

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