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From Jerusalem to Nazareth

An update from Perkins School of Theology student Scott Gilliland, who is blogging at http://scottandraegan.blogspot.co.il/ Goodbye Ezra, Hello Johnny!  We made the shift these past two days from the Jewish perspective of Israel (with the help of Shalom Hartman Institute, Dr. Marcie Lenk, and Ezra the Incredible Tour Guide) to the perspective of Johnny the Tour Guide. Just for reference, Johnny is an Arab Christian who lives in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. He is very knowledgeable, occasionally (a tad?) inappropriate, and overall about a 180-turn from the leaders of our last week. Johnny "I've Got Jokes" the Tour Guide. Of course, we have Dr. Hunt with us as always, but it's hard to compete with, [...]

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