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‘Who is my neighbor?’

An update from Dr. Robert Hunt, Director of the Perkins Global Theological Education Program: Today we looked at social justice in the Talmudic tradition: "And the Torah commands us, 'Do not harden your heart and do not close your hand' to the needy. If your heart hardens, your hand will close and you will see that your fingers are of equal length and then you will say to him (the poor person) – 'Go out and work like me!' But do the opposite, open your hand and then you will see that your fingers are both short and long and this is how God created people, big and small, and this lives from that." - Rabbi Yeshua Lalum (1901-1950) Some hard [...]

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Seeking understanding at Chelmno

An update from Jazmin, a senior majoring in human rights and Spanish: CONCENTRATION CAMP: CHELMNO GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: NEAR WARSAW DEATHS: 250,000 “If only my head was filled with water and my eyes were a fountain of tears, then I would weep by day and night over the destruction of the flower of my people.” - Jeremiah History Camp Chelmno began functioning as early as December 1941. Rolf Hoppner greatly influenced the construction of this camp as he had a proposal for “solving the Jewish problem.” The way prisoners were sent to their deaths was a gruesome process. At initial arrival, prisoners were told that they needed to take off their clothing because they needed to first be disinfected in order [...]

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