An update from Meaghan, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student triple majoring in Environmental Science with an Earth Science emphasis, Geology, and Chemistry, while triple minoring in Math, English, and Environmental Engineering

Life with the Residential Commons Leadership Corps is sometimes hectic, sometimes crazy busy, but always rewarding. One of my favorite parts about being an RCLC member is the opportunity to connect to students living in my community right now. I spend most of my free time in Mary Hay and Peyton, getting to know the current residents, meeting with my FiR during his open apartment hours, and just getting a sense of the students I’m representing.

I’m going to take this blog post to brag about my Residential Commons, and try to give a sense of what we as a Residential Commons Leadership Team are working toward.

So, the Residential Halls currently (I hesitate to use Residential Commons in this situation because I don’t want to confuse Mary Hay and Peyton as they are currently with Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles as they will be next year) have programs at the beginning of the year to teach alcohol and drug awareness. These programs are usually a party and meant to be both fun and educational.

Mary Hay and Peyton, for their party, had a Greek Gods theme that ran with their over-all theme of Greek Gods and Goddesses for the community. My last blog post had a picture I took of myself. The shirt I was wearing was the Fine Arts Community shirt for the year (and totally awesome), because of course I have to represent my Residential Commons.

MBlog1The party was a huge success, and as you can tell from the pictures accompanying this post we had a lot of fun. The goal is always to build community, even when talking about something not so fun, like alcohol awareness. I was able to meet more of the current residents, talk to the RAs about fun events that were coming up, and even learn a thing or two myself.

MBlog3As I was standing on the sidelines chatting with Scott, one of the RAs in Mary Hay, I was excited to see everyone not only participating in the toga aspect of the toga party, but also chatting and getting to know each other better. Simple themed parties like that one are great ways to get the residents involved and meeting each other.

I also have to commend my RC on a great program funded by EPIC. I have never seen the Lion King on or off Broadway and up until now Wicked has always been my favorite musical. Now, I can’t say that the Lion King has surpassed Wicked in my book (I may be a bit biased after I saw Wicked in London this summer) but it is most certainly a close second.

MBlog 2First of all, how amazing is my RC that it took 150 people to go see the Lion King on a Thursday night?! Very amazing, that’s how amazing. There are also pictures of the night that I took with my good friend Heather, who is a current resident of Mary Hay and a junior. From the bus ride to the musical to the musical itself to the bus ride back there was never a dull moment. The bus rides were full of excited chatter and singing (the latter after the musical) and I’m sure I could hear a few people meeting each other for the first time. The most amazing part was the chance to get to know people better, and to be able to see other people getting to know each other better. Each new bond formed was another tally in the success column for the event, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m so proud of the entire Mary Hay/Peyton community, most importantly the RAs and the wonderful RCD Ty who helped put the whole program together.

So, to sum it all up, the goal is to bring everyone together, hopefully teach everyone a thing or two, and solidify the ties that bind the community together. I could not be prouder of my community as it is currently, and cannot wait to see what we can come up with together for the coming year.