An update from Tien, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in advertising and public relations:


This past week fellow blogger Meaghan and I got to tour the new builds that are set to open next year. It was kind of muddy, but the weather was beautiful and breezy! Besides, how cool do we look in our hard hats and construction jackets?


Check out this awesome space that we’re going to have in the new Arnold Dining Center! There are going to be two stories and lots and lots of space! Our hope is to be able to host entire Residential Commons dinners in our dining center once they have been revamped. There’s even an outside dining area!


How neat is it to finally be able to see a seedling of an idea bloom into such beautiful new builds?! These 5 new builds, along with the 6 existing, are going to set Residential Commons over the edge! I am most excited about Residential Commons because I believe it is the facelift that SMU needs. Southern Methodist University is most definitely rising in rankings, and it is time for us to add something new and unique to our institution.


And last but not least, a picture of my beautiful future home, Armstrong Commons. I am so excited to start working with my fellow RCLC members Tammy and Andrew, FiR Rita Kirk and my RCD Lauren Cove. Believe me when I say that SMU is on the horizon of a new era and Residential Commons is going to help lead us to greatness! Stay tuned for more updates.