An update from Camille, a senior majoring in dance performance:

It’s amazing how community service really does grow a community of both the people serving together and those who are being served. The more I serve alongside my fellow SMUSHies, the more I get to know them, respect them, and appreciate their ambitions. I found that people really do enjoy serving others when they take the initiative to take care of others’ needs even at their own inconvenience. Through living with others who cheerfully serve other people, the positive energy and kind hearts of my fellow SMUSHies make me want to be a better person, serve, and grow in community with them more. This is the best way to bond with another person — serving with them.

Who knew by giving, you receive so much? Not that this should be the end goal, but it definitely inspires me to give more of myself; to know that myself, the person I’m serving with, and the person who’s being served all benefit.