An update from Jennifer, who earned a degree in electrical engineering in May:

2012-13 was a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. I have met some of the most amazing and inspiring people while living in the Service House as well as outside the house through my volunteer work. My schedule as a senior electrical engineer was kind of crazy, but I somehow managed to make time for what was important to me, service.

I really enjoyed volunteering at Woodrow Wilson High School. I wish that more engineers had lived in the house so that we could go as a group to tutor STEM projects once a week after school. The kids literally idolize college students and are just full of questions that half the time have nothing to do with their homework. We covered every subject from which college is best and what degree they should pursue all the way to what sports they play now and what they want to play later. I simply gave them my opinion in all of my wisdom and expertise 😉

I felt like I was really contributing to these high school kids’ lives in a very positive way and loved every single minute I spent with them. I will more than likely go back to volunteer there in the fall as well.