AlexAn update from Alexandra, a junior majoring in psychology and English with a minor in women’s and gender studies in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences:

At 9 a.m. our group struggled through the metro system and found our way to the Department of Health and Human Services. Surrounded by the impressive Planetarium buildings and the Met museums, we were in awe. It was an interesting situation, given the context of the government shutdown. Still, we were rightfully impressed by the sheer importance of the buildings in which we had meetings.

I’ve always believed that health care is one of the vehicles through which we can achieve a more equal playing field. That’s why I pursued my current internship with Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas: I believe that healthier mothers contribute to healthier families, and ultimately healthier communities. Public service has always made sense to me and that’s why I so enjoyed meeting with Jason Young, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for Health Care, and his associates.

The Dallas region is a particularly vulnerable region: As we learned, 1 in 20 people whom the federal Department of Health helps is from Dallas. That’s a lot of people. I enjoyed meeting with Mr. Young and his associates because his work in the communications field makes a real difference in the lives of many. Someday, I will help other people in the same way. For that, I’m thrilled.