I gotta say that as my semester in Copenhagen is drawing to a close, I have had more fun here than I can even express! Right now I am trying to squeeze every drop of enjoyment that I can out of it, because I know that I will dearly miss this place when I am gone!

At the start of this semester, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the experience. In fact, of all of the European cities I had thought of spending time in, Copenhagen had never been the first one in my mind.  Not because I didn’t want to come to Denmark, but because it had never occurred to me to come here. But I’m oh so glad that I did. Copenhagen is not a top tourist destination – but thank goodness for that! I think it would take away some of the things that I have grown to love about this place if it were.  It is a unique city that elegantly blends the old and the new, in more ways than one.  The 17th century buildings that line Nyhavn Harbor are some of the prettiest in the city, but the cutting edge architecture found in other parts of town (for example the Opera House on the waterfront) show that Copenhagen is keeping up with the times.  It is not caught in its past the way some cities are.

It is also very progressive, being one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world and providing it’s citizens with impressive social benefits.Clara1

Not to mention the people are friendly, respectful and incredibly stylish and good looking. It is no wonder this is the happiest country in the world! And Copenhagen on its own is a center for fashion, art, music and business.

It has been the perfect place to study – not only because of the coffee and pastries, which have had an undeniable influence on my time here – but because I feel like I am living in a very hip, forward-thinking city while still enjoying a historical part of Europe.  There is no other place I would rather have spent this semester.  I definitely went through some highs and lows on this trip. The hardest part was during the very long, dark winter (longer than usual this year) that went late into the spring.

Not seeing the sun for so many months and living on a tight budget was no easy task, but I think I made up for it by the sheer amount of chocolate I ate to keep myself afloat! However, everything else about Copenhagen made it worth it, and the minute the sun came out, I took advantage of it by walking around the city more and staying out of my dorm room.  It reminded me that nothing but the clouds could dampen my experience!

Of all of the cities I have visited during this semester, I have to say that I really think Copenhagen is my favorite.  I am biased of course, but I now feel that I can really call Copenhagen home, making it that much harder for me to leave!  I’m going to leave my heart in Copenhagen, but I will be back soon to come and get it

Tak Copenhagen!