The SMU Alternative Breaks team in Oklahoma City.

An update from Elizabeth, a sophomore majoring in international studies who participated in the Alternative Breaks trip to Oklahoma City’s regional food bank:

How does one begin to describe an Alternative Breaks SMU trip? As I write this on my trip home, it’s hard to sum up how amazing this Fall Break experience was.

Our home for several days was First United Methodist Church in downtown Oklahoma City. They welcomed us with big arms and even bigger hearts, hosting us for four days while we completed our service at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

On our first day at the Food Bank, we sorted packages of boxed foods for families and individuals in need who receive food from an organization the Food Bank supplies. All the items at the bank are donated, so one does not always know what to expect when volunteering, especially for four days in a row.

After a trip to the grocery store to buy food for our meals, we headed home to First United to prepare a feast of spaghetti, breadsticks, and veggies. One night we were lucky enough to have a fellow SMU student’s parents provide a homemade meal, complete with brownies!!! (The extra exclamation points show our extreme gratitude and excitement for moments like this on AB trips.)

Overall, our four days of sorting, quality-checking, and packaging 24,526 meals that will eventually make it into the hands of young and old Oklahomans was such an incredible experience to make new friends, help those in need, and make our college experience that much richer.