I was thrilled to find out recently that not only have I been approved to take an honors art colloquium in New York City for course credit, but the honors program is offering me a sizable scholarship to help cover my living expenses.

We had our final meeting as a class to discuss the class requirements last Wednesday. Essentially, the class takes place over two weeks in January. The majority of the students will be staying in a hotel, where we will be meeting every two or three days.


The rest of the time is spent going to a list of museums, gallery openings, theater performances, sculpture exhibits, you name it… anything and everything art-related. Our only assignments are to keep a journal in which we will write our reflections over the works we are seeing, and a final paper summarizing our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned.

The Big Apple is one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited, but it’s been a while. I can’t wait to go back.