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New age of news reporting

An update from Elena, a senior majoring in corporate communications in Meadows School of the Arts and business in the Cox School of Business: As a D.C. first-timer, I found that the Hilltop on the Hill experience exceeded all of my expectations. Communications majors fill a wide variety of positions around the city. Our group had the pleasure of interacting with highly ranked executives. One of the people we met was Dave Levinthal, a senior reporter at the Center for Public Integrity.  Visiting with him at the Center for Public Integrity reignited my belief in unbiased, fact-based reporting.  Levinthal is an inspiration for any individual interested in news devoted to the truth.  The Center for Public Integrity hopefully is just [...]

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Diary of an FiR: Boulevarding 101

An update from Ann Batenburg, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Virginia-Snider Residential Commons: September 7, 2013 My first major program for students was today: Boulevarding with Batenburg, or Boulevarding 101. Students stopped in to get some treats and some mentoring for how to handle the Boulevard. The RA's made a handout of tips for first years, and my apartment is rather ideally situated as a jumping-off point for the festivities (fortunately or unfortunately). Probably 30 people showed up and filtered in and out. Some just came down to introduce themselves – how lovely is that? I feel as though my life is very full tonight – in the very-satisfying-yet-perhaps-too-full-but-it-was-all-so-yummy-after-Thanksgiving-dinner kind of full. I definitely need a nap, but I also [...]

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Hilltop program sets up students for success

An update from Briana, a sophomore Hunt Scholar majoring in political science in Dedman College and communication studies in Meadows School of the Arts:  During lunch with the 21st Century Group, we had the pleasure of speaking with one of the firm’s principals, who happens to be a woman. She explained how being a woman in the lobbying industry sometimes poses difficulties in such a male-dominated field. While she did provide this advice about entering this particular field, her thorough and compassionate explanation created a confident atmosphere nonetheless for me to continue to pursue a degree in politics, and if not, in a career in Washington, D.C., at the least. Our lunch meeting at the 21st Century Group is the [...]

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A firm in a class of its own

An update from Alexandra, a junior majoring in psychology and English with a minor in women's and gender studies in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences: After a long, busy, and just plain exhausting day of traipsing through Washington, D.C., meeting SMU alums and other communications professionals, we reached our final meeting. Glover Park Group, a strategic communications firm, is housed in the 8th floor of a high rise. The interior of the corporation is sleek and stylish, with modern art adorning the walls, minimalist white furniture lining the rooms, and a wonderful view of the city out the large windows that surround the building. By the time we reached our final appointment, my peers and I were quickly approaching [...]

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Shadows of the government shutdown

An update from Katelyn, a junior double-majoring in journalism and theatre in Meadows School of the Arts, with a special emphasis in international politics in Dedman College: Americans across the nation are feeling the effects of the government shutdown, and being in D.C. now offers a clear look at what the situation looks like at the heart of itself – and, staying true to its label, many aspects of our nation's capital are entirely shut down. The effect of the shutdown not only on government entities – of which all deemed "nonessential" are closed until the crisis is resolved – but also on the businesses that revolve around government interaction arose as a question in each of the meetings the [...]

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SMU alums in D.C.

An update from Lauren, a sophomore majoring in political science in Dedman College and public relations in Meadows School of the Arts: Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting two SMU alums at an alumni roundtable. It was great to see recent graduates of SMU doing so well in the city. Going into the workforce after graduation seems intimidating, but meeting with them definitely eased my nerves. SMU certainly provides its students with the tools to succeed in the workforce. One of the alums works for a major public relations and communications firm. She told us how she started off with two internships and was eventually offered a job, and stressed how important internships are. Internships can often turn into [...]

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