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Studying Kennedy as a person and as president

An update from Kaley, a sophomore biochemistry major: I'm impressed with this course's insight into John F. Kennedy's life from every perspective. The material shows him as a hero who overcame adversity, a promiscuous womanizer, and a victim of circumstance. This class does a good job of being impartial and putting Kennedy's life in the context of world issues, enabling each student to form his own opinion on John F. Kennedy and giving each student the resources to analyze Kennedy's life from every direction and make his own assumptions. This class has a heavy workload. There are lots of reading assignments to handle, but they are all essential to providing a well-rounded description of John F. Kennedy as a person [...]

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Remembering the loss and the legend

An update from Rachel, a sophomore biology major and biomedical anthropology minor: As I browsed the list of "Ways of Knowing" classes for the Fall 2013 semester, one class immediately caught my eye, "JFK: His Life, His Times, His Legend." The name of the class possesses the same allure as the name Kennedy. My love of American history – specifically 20th-century history – spurred my interest in taking this class. I am so glad I enrolled. The 1950s and '60s represent my favorite era. The television, automobiles, advertisements, fashions, and the upbeat spirit that comes with post-WWII prosperity create an overall sense of the emergence of modern America, making it a time in history I would have loved to experience first-hand. [...]

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