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Exploring Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca As I sat at the lunch table in the tiny adobe home of an indigenous family on the Island of Amantaní on Lake Titicaca, I had an internal conversation with myself as to whether I should eat the purple potatoes sitting on the plate in front of me. Digestive issues are common for foreigners in Peru. and these potatoes still seemed to have dirt on them. Although the house where I would spend one night was technically a “certified hostel” for tourists visiting the lake, the thought of possibly digesting parasites or other bacteria that would make me sick was a difficult thought to face. I also took into consideration that this would be the only [...]

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Behind the scenes at the National Museum of American History

Curator Katherine Ott explains pieces from the National Museum of American History collections. Photo by Diana Bossa, Smithsonian Latino Center. This month I’m getting a true behind-the-scenes experience at the National Museum of American History (NMAH). In the last month of the Latino Museum Studies Program, I am getting acquainted with work in Latino Studies by working in a Smithsonian museum. The NMAH is part of a large institution (The Smithsonian Institution), is a very large museum with many divisions, and is currently undergoing a major renovation. I have been going to staff meetings, learning about (and looking through!) collections and archives, and working with my practicum leader to get some understanding of how this large and complex museum works. [...]

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Learning to tell their stories

Kerri with Criola group members I am now in my last month here in Rio and not at all looking forward to having to leave soon! The project that I am helping with at Criola is at its height. The women have participated in social media workshops and a photography workshop, and have planned their own community events around political topics of their choosing. They take photos and videos at these events and post them on the group's blog and Facebook. So far there have been two events, and there will be more in August and September that I will unfortunately have to miss. The women of the group and I have become very close. I've visited some [...]

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